Saturday, December 21, 2013

Australian Institute of Dermatology

The Australian Institute of Dermatology is based at the John Flynn Private Hospital on the Gold Coast in Australia. It provides online education in skin diseases and related disciplines. It's resources are best accessed through the following subsections or by clicking on the Pages above. 
Many resources are freely available. Some are restricted to Institute Members. 

Dermatology - Undergraduate lecture course     Free Access - Interactive website for Australian GPs - Website for Australian Dermatology Registrars - Videos discussing various skin diseases

Alumni Webinars - Monthly video webinars for Members of the Institute

 Atlas -     Free Access

 Dermatopathology - Video lectures on Inflammatory dermatopathology   Free Access   - Video lectures on Tumour dermatopathology  Free Access  - Differential Diagnosis in Dermatopathology  Free Access -  Pre course Study  Free Access

Atlas -    Free Access

 Dermatoscopy - Video lectures on Dermatoscopy    Free Access - Teaching website for Institute Members - Dermatoscopy Blog Resource for Institute Members only -  Pre course Study  Free Access

Atlas -     Free Access

 Dermatosurgery - Teaching website for Institute Members only - Teaching website for Institute Members only


SkinConsult Teledermatology - - A consulting video teleconferencing service for Institute Members

Other Specialty Websites - Dermatology for Dentists      Free Access - Dermatology for Pharmacists      Free Access - Dermatology for Nurses        Free Access

Skin Disease Made Simple Websites - Access area for various Simple websites     Free Access -  Another website access and Registration area.      Free Access